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Medicinal Hibiscus Tea and Weight Loss

Is help with weight management another benefit of this herbal tisane? When we’re working on losing those few extra pounds, finding natural, drug-free, effective ways to lose weight can be a challenge.Thanks to traditional herbal wisdom and current research studies, we know that teas from the Camellia sinensis tea plant and many herbal tisanes can help with weight loss.

Hibiscus flower tea, the vibrantly colored herbal tisane made from the calyces of the hibiscus plant, is also reputed to be a weight-loss tea. Although more research is still needed about hibiscus tisane and weight loss, the following hibiscus flower tea benefits suggest that this tea may be a good addition to your overall weight management plan.

Hibiscus tea is brimming with antioxidants.

Not only do antioxidants help directly with weight management by increasing metabolism, but they help indirectly with weight loss, as well, by improving our overall health.  Antioxidants fight free radicals, support our immune system, and protect us from chronic disease – and a stronger, healthier body tends to lose weight more easily and quickly.

This herbal tea is a natural diuretic!

As important as water is to our health and wellbeing, retaining extra water can be very frustrating (and even uncomfortable) during the dieting process. Hibiscus tisane has natural diuretic properties, which means it can help rid the body of excess water (through urination) and prevent temporary bloating.

Hibiscus herbal tea may help prevent carbohydrate absorption. Hibiscus tisane contains an enzyme inhibitor called ‘phaseolamin.’ Research shows that phaseolamin can help with weight loss and, at the same time, with maintaining lean body mass by reducing the production of amylase.

Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down complex carbs (sugar and starches), and, by blocking amylase production, phaseolamin reduces carbohydrate absorption in our bodies – which may help with weight loss.

So, if you’re working on shedding those extra pounds, hibiscus flower tea may be a good addition to your overall weight management plan, along with a healthy diet, plenty of rest, staying active, and watching your stress level.

Plus, you’ll enjoy all of the other health benefits of hibiscus flower tea, as well!

Why not try… Stir or steep your hibiscus tea with a cinnamon stick for some added spice – and additional weight loss benefits, as well! Cinnamon is another well known ingredient for its ability to help with weight management.


Add 350-500ml of boiling water. Allow to brew for 5+ minutes, also delicious at room temperature or as a refreshing iced tea.


Because of antihypertensive effect should avoid women during pregnancy and lactation on the consumption of Wild Hibiscus


100% organic hibiscus – medicinal herbal tea


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